Poly Towns


What is Poly Towns?
Poly Towns is a unique little town builder. Start with a small town zone (the map is divided into “zones”), then expand into a larger town managing your resources along the way. Upgrade your houses and resource buildings to maintain your town.

What’s the goal?
In Poly Towns, the Android version has goals. The player chooses to have goals or not.  Like most town/city builders, you can build until you run out of room, resources, or your people become so unhappy everyone leaves. However,  the player has the option to select 2 goals (but not limited to) for their game such as:
– Reach a population of 1,000
– Reach 1,000,000 coins.
The PC version may have these goals at some point.

What’s the gameplay like?
The game is fairly simple, you start by building a few houses and resource buildings. You then must assign villagers to these resource buildings in order to get the resources. Tax, building upkeep and food consumption are updated every 5 seconds. Build up your resources and expand your town into new zones, as well as upgrading existing buildings. Once you are happy with your town, you can choose to start a new one, complete goals, or destroy your existing town in style.

What’s the challenge?
In a sense, the game can be unforgiving. If your villagers are at 0% happiness, game over, you have to restart. Another way of failing the game is by having no money and a negative income, because you can no longer buy anything. If for example you have -100 coins, but a positive income, you can bounce back!

Does the game cost anything?
No. The game will be free for the Google Play market. However the PC version will cost £3.99.

How long did it take to make?
About 5 months of development.




Programming, 3D Modelling, Art and Animation by:
Matthew Vale

Music and SoundFX by:
RobTylerMusic © – FacebookTwitter – Website

Marc Wilkinson
Aswin Vos
Oscar Persson
Pedro Alves da Silva
Anuj Mitta