Hello, my name is Matthew Vale. I was born in 1994 and I gained an interest in creating video games in 2009. I can’t remember exactly when I started, but I remember being inspired by “Notch” (Markus Persson), the creator of Minecraft.

I started learning with the TornadoTwins, who uploaded Unity tutorials on YouTube. I made my very first game with them, which was called the “Worminator”. I was very pleased with the result, my worm moved around the map and I shot fireballs! It even had turrets that shot back! Amazing! At the time anyway.

Next, I did nothing, I stopped. I finished secondary school and was moving house. I started college in 2010 studying mechanical engineering for 3 years! During this time, I discovered my love for technology and video games. So then I studied IT (Computing) for 2 years, where I mastered spreadsheets and delved into Visual Basic, C#, 3D modelling and website production. It wasn’t my first time programming or modelling, but it did help me develop my skills. In my first year (of the 2), I made my first published game, it was Pongdroid3D, which was actually more of a brick breaker than pong. This is where I learnt how much goes into making a video game and how much effort, work and dedication is needed. This was a first and very important step.

Throughout 2013-2015 I was making Android games using the Unity game engine, improving my skills, knowledge and understanding of the game industry. I even took part (and completed, with a certificate) in an online course provided by FutureLearn and the University of Reading, the course was “Begin programming: your first mobile game”. In this course I studied the Java programming language (I had already coded in Java before). I found this difficult towards the end, but I did it.

In mid 2015, I started making my 7th video game, called Poly Towns. After I finished my 5th year at college, I moved house again, on my own. I now work 4 days a week at my local McDonalds which allows me to pay rent and has improved me as a person. On the 22nd of April 2016, I released Poly Towns on Steam (it only took 9 days to get through Steam Greenlight!) and it sold about 300 copies in the first month.

On the 5th of October 2017, I released A New World: Kingdoms, my second PC game on Steam. It’s a casual turn-based 4X game inspired by Ciivlization. A New World: Kingdoms took 7 days to get through Steam Greenlight. Not long after this, Steam retired Greenlight in favour of a new system called Direct. The game had a rocky launch with a couple of game breaking issues that I quickly fixed, then updated again the same day with more fixes and general improvements.

Right now I am supporting A New World: Kingdoms and working on a prototype project.